Install NovOS using a GUI

This works if you have a version of NovOS with a desktop pre-installed. An internet connection is optional but highly recommended.


If you do something wrong here, You may lose personal data! Make sure you back them up before installing NovOS.

Supported operating systems/editions

NovOS, blizOS

XFCE whisker menu

Start the installer

Starting the installer is easy, Go to your start menu, then search "Install blizOS" and click on it. It should be the first option in the results.

Authentication screen for XFCE4

Authenticate the live user

The installer needs root privileges to run and install onto your system.

The live password should be

blizos (all lowercase, no spaces, blizOS only)

novos (all lowercase, no spaces, NovOS only)

Welcome screen for the installer

Follow the on-screen steps

Follow everything on-screen until you get into the Partitions section.

Partitioning for the installer

Partition your drive

WARNING: Any of these options can destroy your previous OS and can destroy personal data! Make sure you have them backed up before installing!

On top you should see a list of drives alongside your boot method. (BIOS/UEFI)

Make sure you select the correct drive you want to install onto.

Here are the options you can choose

Install NovOS alongside another OS (e.g, Windows, MacOS, another Linux distro)

You'll need to shrink your OS partition to make room.

Replaces a partition with NovOS. This will erase all data on that partition so be careful!

Can be used to install alongside if you already have your drive partitioned.

Very dangerous option! Erases everything off your disk and install onto it fully. this option also allows you to set a swap.

Swap to file is the recommended option so you can use your entire drive without a separate swap partition.

You can manage partitions manually. Do this only if you are an advanced user.

Set boot loader drive (VERY IMPORTANT)

WARNING: Setting the boot loader on the wrong drive can cause your system to be unbootable! It is highly recommended to set your boot drive to the same drive your installing NovOS onto. There should be a drop-down on the bottom next to the before and after.

User setup page

Set up a user account

This is self explanatory. Set up a user account for your system. Here's some options you can use.

Makes the password requirements stronger

Not recommended if more than one user's going to use the computer. Skips the login prompt on startup.

Uses the same user password for the root account. This makes things a bit easier to manage your system. If you want extra security, You should set the root password to something else.

Summary page for the installer

Installation summary

This page shows you what's going to happen before you install. Make sure to review these changes before you start installing! This shows you the steps it's going to do, and the before and after page of your hard disk.

Confirm these changes

It will ask you before installing if you want to apply these changes to your hard disk. Make sure you are okay to these changes to your system before confirming!

Installation slideshow & progress page

blizOS/NovOS is now installing!

Congratulations! You are now installing onto your system. This will take awhile depending on the option and the speed of your disk. It will take longer if you chose to partition your drive. (Install alongside, Manual partitioning)

Finishing section of the installer

blizOS/NovOS is now installed!

Congratulations! You have successfully installed onto your system! Enjoy using your system from now on. You can reboot your system by checking the "Reboot now" option. Press "Done" to close out the installer.

What to do next?

Take out the install medium before rebooting. Then you should be met up with the GRUB menu to choose an OS. This is mainly used to boot from snapshots and other operating systems. Once you boot, login to your user if needed. Then open up the terminal (Konsole for KDE) and run sudo pacman -Syu to get yourself all updated! After that, you are now set to use your system! You can use the "Add/Remove software" app to get brand new software and update your system. Thanks for installing!