Welcome to the blizOS/NovOS Wiki!

A basic wiki around the blizOS & NovOS Linux distros!

What's blizOS?

blizOS is a Linux distro based on Arch Linux that makes things easier to use. It has a fresh & simple to use desktop with basic apps pre-installed.

What's NovOS?

NovOS is a Linux distro based on Arch Linux. It's made for newcomers and intermediate Linux users who want an easy to use experience but have that same feel as vanilla Arch.

NovOS XFCE Testing


XFCE is a lightweight easy to use desktop environment that is suited for people with older, lower end hardware.

blizOS Lite (XFCE)

blizOS Lite has the XFCE desktop.

NovOS Plasma

KDE Plasma is an easy to use desktop environment for mid-range to high end hardware. It's very customizable and is loved by many. This is the NovOS flagship desktop.


blizOS is fork of GNOME that makes it from a MacOS styled desktop to a Windows styled desktop. This is the flagship desktop for blizOS.

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